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OEHB Hibiscus Powder 100g (Pack of 2 Each-50g)

₹ 99

₹ 280


  • 100% pure and organic: Contains only hibiscus powder obtained by crushing the flowers of hibiscus plants organically grown in select Indian farms
  • Premium grade hibiscus flower powder: Farm-fresh hibiscus flowers handpicked and shade dried, to preserve their full essence and nutritional value
  • Naturally processed, no added chemicals: A microfine, triple-sifted flower powder that has no added preservatives, colourants or fragrances, also has no traces of pesticides or fertilisers
  • Great for the skin and hair: Rich in vitamin C, proteins, flavonoids and antioxidants, it helps deep cleanse the pores, counters acne, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, adds skin glow, darkens hair colour, adds hair shine, and diminishes dandruff and hair fall