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OEHB Organic Cold Pressed ,Pure Neem Oil for spray on Plants & Garden 250 ml

₹ 187.95

₹ 299


  • 100% Pure Neem oil for plants Acts as a reppelnt for plants insect in home garden
  • Recommended For organic Farming & gardening safe for indoor and outdoor plants.
  • Best gardening gifts For garden lovers to keep their garden free from
  • For indoor/outdoor use on fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, spices, roses, houseplants, flowers, trees, lawns and shrubs.It is an herbal used in agricultural sprayers, farming and gardening
  • How to make ready spray (Usage guide) 1.Cold pressed oil is concentrated form of neem oil it needs to be diluted before using on plants 2.add 3-5 ml max oil in 1 ltr of warm water mix it well till get emultion form 3.Put this mixture in spray bottle adjust fine spray setting , & spray the mixture on plant leaves from down side to upper side till leaves wet properly 4. First take trial on 2-3 leaves then apply on whole plants