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OEHB Organic Rose Care Food Fertilizer Spray l Specially Formulated for Rose Flowering (250 ML)

₹ 187.95

₹ 299


  • The Solution contains naturally induced FLORIGEN(the flowering hormone in plants).It increases flower forming substances by altering auxin and cytokinin.It also replenishes the dead cell faster responsible for Flowering and fruit formation, Thus visible results in the plant can be seen very fast i.e in 3-5 days from the first spray. It is consist of micronutrients and macronutrients including NPK, plant based metabolites and plant based growth regulators.
  • It Enhances the color and size of existing & new flowers in the plants.
  • Increase the chlorophyll content in the leaves leading to higher photosynthesis rate.
  • Enhance the flowering and reduce the flower drop.
  • USAGE DIRECTION: Spray directly on plant and soil preferably in early morning & late evening. Spray once a week, Can adjust the usage by observing Effects on plant.